Why I like being a teacher in Turkey

Why I Teach in Turkey

Turkey is definitely an absolutely amazing country, and because of the teaching position which i was able to acquire, I've learned firsthand that this holds true. Turkey is stuffed with plenty of history and culture. There is always a lot to see and do and explore; things I could only imagine doing at one time . I truly think that I will be creating a difference every single day which i go to work.

teaching in Turkey

I have been teaching in Turkey for just more than one year now. It was a transition in the beginning, when i was unprepared. That's something which I truly regret not doing. Had I taken enough time to learn of jobs beforehand and get yourself ready for my move I might are already able to make the transition much simpler. Luckily personally things all helped the best.

teach in Turkey

Every day that I spend in Turkey offers me something totally new and exciting. I really like my paycheck, I really like all the amazing people that I can meet. I enjoy realizing that I've something that others want and the fact that I'm able to provide them with it. Obviously Furthermore, i want to be able to explore the united states. It's far diverse from whatever I really could experience anywhere else in the united states.

I love to help you my fellow friends and am offering tips to all. My methods for anyone considering teaching in Turkey:

•    Determine where in Turkey you need to teach. The country has man fabulous cities with others eager to learn what you can offer to them. Choose which of such cities is easily the most attractive to you and discover the opportunities that may be of curiosity for you before deciding to make this kind of transition.

•    Take a TEFL program. This course provides you with valuable information to help you grow in your career. It is another dependence on anyone desperate to teach in turkey. While you will find “under the table” opportunities, these are illegal and come with serious repercussions for anyone who is discovered.

•    Will you volunteer or seek a paid position? Both of them are available. If you're looking for something short-term when you visit the country, a volunteer position is much more prone to provide you with the results you're after.

•    How several hours do you wish to work? The typical teaching position in the nation provides a workweek of 30 hours, with take home pay close to $1200 per month. Various positions offer various working hours and pay, therefore it is beneficial for you to check out several opportunities beforehand.

•     Who would you like to Teach? You will find teaching positions available offering the opportunity to provide children in addition to adults using the expertise that you have. Both opportunities are perfect, but completely different.

I never had this amazing job within my life. I will be considering working here full-time and leaving that old times behind. That's just how amazing it really is to teach in the united states.


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